Overview of MOCA-2021


Conference Overview
Tiltle IAMAS-IAPSO-IACS Joint Assembly 2021
Date 18 – 23 July, 2021 (for 6 days)
Slogan For a Better Stewardship of Our Planet
Events Opening Ceremony, Sessions, Excursions, Official Events
Hosted by Korean Meteorological Society, The Korean Society of Oceanography
Sponsored by Busan Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization, Busan Tourism Organization


“For a Better Stewardship of Our Planet”

The Korean people have a growing sense of urgency surrounding climate change and oceanic environment change.

East Asian countries’, including Korea, China, and Japan’s, natural environments are being ravaged by aggressive and unchecked industrial activities. The MOCA-21 Joint Assembly will be an important opportunity to not only draw deep scrutiny to activities which are harmful to our earth, but also to pose solutions for the healthy coexistence of earth and humankind in Asia and across the globe. We are devoted to supporting this meaningful platform where international experts and stakeholders can share insights, opinions, and solutions related to the global crisis of climate change, environmental pollution, and problems affecting the ocean and Polar regions.