Why Korea?

Korean Rain Gauge

Jangbogo Antarctic Research Station

ARAON, the first ice-breaking vessel built in South Korea

With the remarkable success in the economic development of the nation, Korea is one of the world’s biggest investors in research and development. There is increasing recognition of scientific achievements and leading roles by Korean research community. There is a growing interest in global environmental issues in Korea, such as the Arctic sea ice crisis, fine dust particles, ocean pollution, and changes in the marine environment. Korea has also significantly invested in the cryospheric sciences by establishing and operating the icebreaker Araon, the Antarctic King Sejong Station, the Arctic Dasan Station and Jang Bogo Antarctic Research Station.

Korea is also located in the center of East Asia, which now plays the leading role in global economy, and easily accessible from a large number of scientists from East Asian countries. By hosting the MOCA- 21 Joint Assembly in Busan, Korea, we will be fully endorsing and reaffirming the IUGG and three subcommittees’ presence in the region. Korea has the capacity to successfully hold the assembly with special interest in the atmospheric, ocean and cryospheric sciences, and we are poised to assume a leading role in global environment and earth sciences through this important joint assembly.